The Gianna Zelie Project

Welcome to the Gianna Zelie Project, a personal blog where I hope to shed light on “making it work” as a Catholic working mother.
As a Catholic and as a mother, I have found plenty of sources for advice, ranging from infant sleep habits, to raising children in the faith, to making your own baby food.  But as a Catholic working mother, the resources are few and far between.  How do I find time to pray?  How do I pace myself?  How do I keep my priorities straight?  How do I remember and honor my marriage as well as provide for my child and do my duties well?  How do I, how do I, how do I…learn that I don’t have to “do it all”?

The writing here won’t always be beautiful.  Most of the time it will be messy, jumbled, chaotic – a current reflection of my harried state of mind, no doubt.  But in the mess, in the jumble, in the chaos, I pray the Lord will weave His Spirit through and breathe forth inherent beauty of this life I’ve been given, the beauty of daily sacramental living, the beauty of faith-filled and fruitful marriage, the beauty of motherhood and service, the beauty of family and trinitarian love, the beauty of a vocation ever striving to be fulfilled.

Thank you for reading these words, and I hope you’ll return to read the words to come.