Welcome to The Gianna Zelie Project!  I’m so glad you’ve found your way here.  I hope you decide to stay a while and maybe even tell your friends to come take a peek as well.

I’m a wife to Adam, a mama to Anastasia (or Annie for short), and a teacher to third graders.  We live happily just outside of Philadelphia, and we’re getting ready to move into our very first house.

I thrive on hot cups of coffee, sipped slowly in the early morning hours, but more often than not, I find my coffee sitting on the counter poured long ago and left untouched due to a needy baby.  (Truly, she’s a dreamboat.  But she’s also quite willful.)  In rare moments of quiet, I read too many books at once, delve into Scripture and devotionals, or write in my journal.  I constantly seek out new recipes because I easily bore of routine, and sometimes I even wake up early enough to go for a run.

I make all our baby food and big people food, spend more time than I’d like to pumping and washing bottles and pump parts, and have the packing of daycare lunches and the diaper bag down to a science.  I’ve read Brown Bear, Brown Bear about one hundred times (this week) even though we make weekly library trips for new children’s books.  After hours, Adam and I watch a lot of Netflix and share a lot of goofy jokes.  Occasionally, we get a date night.  Most of the time we ask each other if Annie is still breathing.

I am Catholic, and while I was born and raised in the Church, I really came into my faith in high school, where time with a charismatic youth group encouraged me to explore a more personal relationship with the Lord.  In college, I discovered the intellect and reason behind Catholicism, and fell in love with the Church for real.

My blog name comes from two of my favorite Catholic saints, St. Gianna Beretta Molla and St. Zelie Martin, both passionate, strong, devoted women who worked while caring for their families.  I, too, am blessed enough to have found work that I truly enjoy and see as a vocation given to me by the Lord.  Most of my other mama friends stay home with their littles, and after having Anastasia, I quickly realized that I fall into a unique category of Catholic mothers who choose to continue working outside the home.  I hope that by writing this blog I can share a bit of my perspective and perhaps even connect with other working mamas like myself.


Pax Christi,


“Work can be a prayer…if we offer to the Lord all the actions that we perform, so that they might serve his glory.”

– St. Gianna Beretta Molla

“I long for rest.  I have not even the courage to struggle on.  I feel the need of quiet reflection to think of salvation, which the complications of this world have made me neglect.” 

– St. Zelie Martin